105 ppm Black and White Copier/Printer/Scanner & WhiteMX6240N


Sharp understand about total productivity. This is Why we care about maximum performance.


High-Volume Performance Power from a Durable Document Solution 

uilt for high volume, the new MX-M1054 Series boasts impressive B/W speed of 105 cpm/ppm. The MX-M1054 boasts scanning speeds of 120 opm* (one-sided) and 200 opm* (two-sided). Its highly efficient 250-sheet DSPF (duplex single pass feeder) scans both pages of two-sided originals in one pass.
*When feeding A4-size documents at 200-dpi resolution.
opm: original per minute.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Productivity
  • Superb Image Quality
  • Multi-Faceted Colour Performance
  • Versatile Operation
  • Multi-Layered Security
  • Environment and User-Friendly

High Productivity

  • Super-Efficient Colour and B/W Output
  • Speedy Document Feeding
  • Intermediate Toner Hopper
  • Large Paper Capacity
  • Simultaneous Job Processing
  • Automated Finishing Options

Superb Image Quality

  • Improved Imaging Quality
  • Developer Refresh System
  • Auto Process Control
  • High Resolution Output
  • Easy, High-Quality Copying
  • Adobe Postscript 3
  • Enhanced Scan Performance


  • Curl Correction Unit
  • Air Feed System
  • Full Front Access
  • Mirroring Kit

Ease of Use

  • 10.1 Inch colour LCD Screen
  • Advanced Preview
  • Universal Design
  • Retractable Keyboard (option)

Multi Layered Security

  • Data Encryption and Overwriting
  • Document Control Function (option)
  • User Authentication
  • Hidden Pattern Copy/Print
  • Tracking Information Print

Available Peripherals include

  • MX-FN19: Finisher (50 sheet)
  • MX-FN20: Saddle-stitch Finisher (50 sheet)
  • MC-FN21: Finisher (100 sheet)
  • MX-FN22: Finisher (100 sheet)
  • MX-PN12A/B/C/D: Punch Module
  • MX-RB13:Relay Unit
  • MX-FD10: Folding Unit
  • MX-RB12Paper Pass Unit
  • MX-TU14 *Exit Tray Cabinet
  • MX-CF11: Inserter
  • MX-RB15: Curl Correction Unit
  • MX-TR14 **: Exit Tray Unit
  • MX-LT10 **: Long-Paper Feeding Tray
  • MX-LC12: Large-Capacity Tray (A4)
  • MX-LCX3N: Large-Capacity Tray (A3)
  • MX-MF11: Multi-Bypass Tray (A4)
  • MX-LC13: Large-Capacity Trays
  • MX-RB14: Paper Pass Unit